Virtual Classroom

It is a fully online program delivered through a learning-management system using industry-standard online meeting gateways (Zoom/Microsoft Teams) and a digital whiteboard.

Complete Online Program

Freedom to study and complete your coursework from anywhere and anytime which suits you most. While increasing your knowledge and skills in your studies, we provide platforms to hone your skills with the most sophisticated online learning technology. Online tools such as online assessments, drop boxes, LMS uses for assignments, collaboration tools, mail communication with classmates and faculty make the program suitable with the cutting edge demand.

Interactive and Engaging Platform

Online digital platforms such as 10 digital notebooks, Canvas based LMS, Formative Assessment Tool backed with best question banks makes our program unique. With our state-of-the-art cloud-based learning management system, students find all contents in one location with unlimited access. It also provides the ability to monitor and keep track of the learner’s progress, ensures that they are meeting their performance milestones.

Dedicated digital Notebook on our cloud server

Digital notebooks adopted with the LMS delivery system provide students more time to interact during class rather than traditional notebooks on our dedicated cloud server. Provides 24/7 performance monitoring and focused/intensive grading assessment. Key benefits of using digital whiteboards include enhanced and interactive learning, which provides flexibility and an abundance of options. With the inclusion of integrated technologies and online tools, we provide far-end possibilities.

Industry Standard Video Conferencing Platform

With industry-standard video conferencing platforms such as Zoom/Microsoft Teams, we offer smooth content sharing, connecting participants, and recording functionality for future reference.

Online Automated Assessment Platforms

With one of the best assessment platforms available with industry such as Formative, Assessprep, WebAssign, etc. we generate the much-needed feedback to bring the best performance from our kids. It also automatically provides us the ability to monitor, keep track of the learner’s progress and ensures that they are meeting their performance milestones.

Advance Virtual Laboratory Experience

Working beyond the traditional laboratory experiences, we offer a specially designed virtual laboratory experience, which improves the technical side of a learner without limitations of space and time. With such digital skills, we expect them to develop skills of lifelong learning.

How the course is
benefitting you personally?

Immediate feedback on tests

Expanded world view

Effective time management

Collaborating online might prepare you with the skills needed for modern careers.

A growing category of jobs will require employees to work in geographically dispersed, virtual teams.

Many students may have enough maturity, focus and self-discipline to learn digitally.

What does a student need?

  • A working PC/Laptop
  • Broadband Internet connectivity
  • LMS account and Digital notebook (Provided by us)
  • Basic technical skills and a quiet place