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‘Innovative Learning’ and ‘Passion of Physics’. We want every child to explore their own strengths and be proud of them.


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Creating Innovators And Not Skilled Work Force

IB Experts for 7on7 Pvt. Ltd. is a team of passionate educators and few IB parents whose vision and core values had led to the birth of this organization. Since its inception it has been constantly working towards developing the STEM based program focusing on International Curriculum to prepare the IB students a truly global citizen and ready for the University.

We believe in developing the culture of dedicated, hard but smart work to develop scientific temperament by learning through inquiry, critical thinking and developing ideas. We prepare our students for the toughest academic challenges while ensuring that the learning process shall remain a joy for them. In this process we have started mentoring IGCSE & MYP to ensure their smooth transition towards the IB Diploma Program and also guide them building their profile towards a successful dream University placement. Our past students and parents continue to share their ideas and remain our prime motivation to continue to develop our program.

We believe in creating innovators and not skilled work force. Do enroll us and experience new learning possibilities in Physics & Mathematics with us.

STEM Based Adaptive learning Program

A Unique Program designed by our experienced faculty to suit the learning behavior of kids over a broad range of IQ level. The Adaptive program is delivered through activities and mini projects making learning a real fun.
The comprehensive program designed keeping IB curriculum in mind ensures that the kids develop all the essential skills needed by them to excel at the University.
We believe in creating innovators rather than skilled workers and while doing so we don’t burn hole in your pocket, Our courses are charged nominally.

Mentoring over 350 IB kids over last 10 years

Experienced faculty having broad experience in Research & Development and has taught and mentored over 250 kids over the last 10 years with helping all the kids having a successful career development at University.
Having closely observed the IB Diploma program over the last decade and also closely observing the changes in IB and their syllabus has enabled us to keep the program future ready according to the evolving needs of the career of IB Global citizens.
The relationship with kids doesn’t get over after IB only and the kids remain in touch with their mentor for any advice related to their career.

Learning Management System & Digital Notebook

The LMS and the Digital Note book help the students and our faculty keeps a track of the learning progress. It further helps us to use the technology and the AI to a very little extent to lower the physical burden of the students.
We don’t believe in home work and makes the learning a fun with each kids doing using their digital notebook to organize their study material according to their learning behavior.

In House Lab AP/IB Laboratory Facility & E-leaning tolls and Assessment Platform

We have best lab facilities for helping student get the deepest practical understanding of the concept. Also, these in-house setups help them to work on their EE and IA research under guidance of expert faculty members.
Further the E-learning platforms and the assessment platforms make the learning enjoyable as each student learns within their strengths and limitations and test their concepts using our media rich high content especially designed activities and assessments.

Teaching Methodologies


True STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) based Program with interdisciplinary learning modules prepares the kids to innovate and engineer solutions to the problem of the future.

Computing in Physics & Mathematics

Comprehensive program involving exposure to computing in Physics and Mathematics.

Laboratory setup

In Laboratory setup for experiments for IB/AP prescribed experiments

Adaptive learning Module

A Unique Program designed by our experienced faculty to suit the learning behavior of kids over a broad range of IQ level. The Adaptive program ensures that each kid learns at his own pace.

Advance Laboratory

Advance laboratory for Electronics for appropriate exposure to those planning to peruse Engineering.

Learning Management System

Program delivery through LMS (Learning Management System) for uniform delivery to each student.

Developed and Designed Problems

Problems specially developed and designed according to the criteria of inquiry and learning, analytical skills and critical thinking.

Variety Of Assessments

Variety of assessments; like Quizzes, Games based exercises, Formatives, Summative, Past paper Questions exposure and Monthly tests for suiting the learning behavior of each kid.

Organized study pattern

Organized study pattern using LMS based assignment and submission.


We believe IBDP is superior to other 16-19 curricula. IBDP encourages students to become active and compassionate lifelong learners. Keeping students personality in a center IBDP inspires students to become risk takers and socially more active to their responsibilities. It is also true that the ultimate passport in an increasingly global context is through IBDP. It is recognized by the best-known universities. Graduates from the IB Diploma have surpassed global standards of academic achievement. The Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components of the IB Diploma require the development of advanced independent research and organizational skills, which are crucial for students who want to pursue higher learning and excel in their careers.