International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) – Ages 16 - 19

The IBDP is an assessed programme with the aim to develop students who have excellent breadth & depth of knowledge and challenge them intellectually and ethically, as well as emotionally & physically. The IBDP is respected & recognized by leading universities & employers across the globe. 

Why IBDP? 

According to research, The IBDP superior to other 16-19 curricula: 

  • IBDP Students find it easier to cope with the demanding workloads & time management, therefore better meeting the expectations placed on them.
  • IBDP’s extended essay requirements, prepares the students on the approaches of learning in their higher educations.
  • IBDP Students stand a better chance of attending one of the top 500 universities of the world.
  • IBDP’s broad & balanced curriculum & rigorous approach to academics prepares the students well for future employment prospects.


The extensive IBDP curriculum consists of 3 mandatory Primary Core elements and 6 Subject groups, with different courses within each group. 

Through the Primary Core, students will learn: 

  • Theory of Knowledge : Through this element, student are able to reflect on the nature of knowledge and how we came to learn what we claim to know. This assessed through a oral presentation, in addition to a 1,600 word essay.
  • The Extended Essay : This is an independent and self-directed work of research, culminating in a 4,000 word thesis.
  • Creativity, Activity, Service : CAS helps the students develop strong personal & interpersonal skills by learning through experience. By providing many opportunities for self-determination & collaboration, it fosters a sense of accomplishment and teaches them to enjoy their work. The CAS activities are assessed via a project that challenges the students to show initiative and demonstrate perseverance.