Extended Essay in Physics

  • Extended Essay & Journal Writing: Students are required submit Essays as a part of the IBDP course. Additional support can be provided to selected students for this activity from the very beginning of the course.

In order to earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma, all candidates must submit an extended essay on a topic of their choice in one of the subjects of the IB curriculum. The essays are graded by examiners appointed by the Chief Examiner of each subject in the IB Office in Cardiff, Wales. 

Content and Length 

Quality, not quantity, is the focus of the extended essay. The essay is to be the authentic, personal work of the student and to provide the student with the opportunity to engage in independent research. Emphasis is placed on the development of the skills of organizing and expressing ideas logically and coherently. Candidates should select a restricted topic rather than a broad, general one. Topic selection should be preceded by preliminary research to determine if the topic is suitable for the IB criteria. Maximum length: 4000 words.

Assessment Objectives  

Requirements and Recommendations In working on the extended essay, students are expected to: 

  • plan and pursue a research project with intellectual initiative and insight
  • formulate a precise research question
  • gather and interpret material from sources appropriate to the research question
  • structure a reasoned argument in response to the research question on the basis of the material gathered
  • present their extended essay in a format appropriate to the subject, acknowledging sources in one of the established academic way
  • use the terminology and language appropriate to the subject with skill and understanding
  • apply analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject, with an understanding of the implications and the context of their research.

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