IBDP Physics HL & SL

  • IBDP 2 Year Program: A comprehensive program that will prepare the student for all the demands of the course along with the required guidance at every stage. Batches start from the 1st week of July.
  • IB Mock & Final Exams Prep Course: Somewhat of a crash-course, this program is for those students that would like to reinforce their understanding of the course and to bolster their success in the upcoming Mock & Final exams of the IBDP Program. Batches start from the 1st week of December onwards. (Students must pass a written test to qualify for admissions within this program)

Physics is the most fundamental of the experimental sciences, as it seeks to explain the universe itself from the very smallest particles to the vast distances between galaxies.
Despite the exciting and extraordinary development of ideas throughout the history of physics, observations remain essential to the very core of the subject. Models are developed to try to understand observations, and these themselves can become theories that attempt to explain the observations.

What Physics At International Baccalaureate [IB] Level is All About?

IB Physics [also known as International Baccalaureate [IB] Physics] is one of the core Science subjects [Group 4 – Experimental Sciences] under the IB School Curriculum. When studying Physics at International Baccalaureate level, syllabus content is covered much more in-depth as compared to mainstream O Level Physics & A Level Physics. 

IB Physics Students hence learn more & are tested heavily on understanding and applying Physics Concepts at Higher-Order thinking level; in explaining & making sense of Real Life Phenomena.. Students are required to think structurally & creatively & question in-depth, intricate applications of IB Physics, complete projects & integrate learning into Real-Life Problem Solving. 

Learning IB Physics equips students with critical soft skills such as analytical thinking, creative problem solving etc. As students progress through each topic / theme, they are required to combine Physics learnings with these Soft Skills in developing that rock-solid foundation to do well in the subject. At the end of the curriculum, students are required to submit a major project on IB Physics & complete an examination. IB Physics skills transferrable skills which are highly applicable in e.g. higher-order problem–solving & overcoming life challenges, no matter what life stage they are at. 

IB Physics Syllabus Topics: 

  • Measurements and Uncertainties
  • Mechanics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Waves
  • Circular Motion & Gravitation
  • Atomic, Nuclear & Particle Physics
  • Energy Production
  • Waves Phenomena
  • Electric Fields
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Quantum Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Relativity
  • Astro-Physics

Achieve In-Depth Understanding In IB Physics, Learn Critical Skills & Adept Applications Of Concepts To Exams & Life.