IBDP Mathematics (AA) HL & SL

Previously, an IB student had the opportunity to choose from the following three options: Maths at a higher level (HL), at a standard level (SL) or Maths Studies.

From the year 2019, the IBO will split Mathematics into:

  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (AA) SL and HL
  • Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (AI) SL and HL

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (AA) SL and HL:

This course is designed for students who enjoy developing mathematical arguments, problem solving and exploring real and abstract applications. Further, this is specific for students who wish to pursue Mathematics as a subject in university or those subjects which have a significant mathematical content.

Prerequisite for this course is strong Algebra 2H skills.

Mathematics: analysis and approaches

Emphasis on algebraic methods

Develop strong skills in mathematical thinking

Real and abstract mathematical problem solving

For students interested in mathematics, engineering physical sciences, and some economics

Both the courses will have external and internal assessment.

The external assessment will comprise of


Higher level (AA and AI)

Standard level (AA and AI)

Paper 1



Paper 2



Paper 3


Whereas, the internal assessment will see a significant difference from the previous ‘project’ to an ‘exploration’. This will give the opportunity for the students to investigate, problem-solve, collaborate and model skills learnt in their courses.

Concluding sentence: The DP Mathematics will help learners develop a holistic understanding of the technological world surrounding them, by developing their analytical and critical skills. Our mentoring school, IB Experts 7ON7, stimulates the interest in the this science through a mix of theory and practical knowledge, exposing the learner to take deep interest in the subject.