About IBExperts

IB Faculty was born out of the same thought. IB Experts 7on7 sole purpose was bridging the gap for Mathematics & Experimental sciences in the IBDP.

With combined experience of over 18 years of IB teaching & preparing students for entrances in renowned IB / IGCSE schools includes Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Oberoi International School etc. We are the leading providers of IB classes in Juhu, BKC, Chembur & Lower Parel Mumbai.


Physics is the only subject that provides the perfect platform to nurture all these skills and prepare the new entrepreneurs of the 21st century.


Specially designed program for IB consisting of concepts explained followed by it's application

Coverage of complete IB Syllabus along with SAT Pysics & support for AP Physics.

Assignment based study in our IB classes

Physics with Smartphones & sensors.

Virtual experiments for IB prescribed experiments.

Subscription provided for Smartbacc & inthinking physics.

24*7 Whatapp support & Skype support during Exam from our IB Experts Faculty


We really appreciate your constant guidance and motivation. Thanks alot. Regards, Sharma.

Pradeep Sharma

Thank you so much sir,for always believing in us and pushing us to achieve our best, I think I can speak from all us students behalf and say that your constant efforts helped bring out the best and we are very grateful

Vedant Pansari

Thank you very much Sir for all your inputs and support!! Your unfettered dedication to education and performance of children is exemplary. The platform that you have created for group study and the quality of students you have attracted went a long way in the performance of children. Thanks for everything!!!

Shourya's Mom

Thanks much Mr Singh for your guidance and efforts which has helped these kids sail through their 12th grade physics. As parents we really appreciate it ....thank you

Roshan's Mom

Thank you sir for all the effort you have taken for our kids ... Hreshaan has done well and we really appreciate your dedication on helping our kids.

Simran Raheja Hreshaan's Mom

Sir, we as a family and especially Varun are very grateful to you for your guidance and inspiration that you have extended. It is not very often that we meet professors like you in life. We are certain the students will cherish your words of wisdom as they carry on to a new chapter in their lives. We pray for the well being of your family and wish you further success in your quest to impart knowledge.

Varun Kapadia's Mom

Than you so much sir for always going out of your ways to help Aadhya. Even yesterday your concern when she wasn't responding is so heart touching. We cannot express our gratitude

Aadhya Kocha's Mom

Sir you have an amazing ability to be strict, pushy & parallelly lenient! Always keeping the best interest of child.. Thank you.

Sanjith Nambiar's Mom

Hello Sir, I wanted to share some very good news for which I wanted to thank you a lot. Rushabh was awarded the student of the year award for Physics and Chemistry and also got the leadership award of High School. Thank you for your contribution Sir!

Rushabh's Mom

Very good initiative Sir, Thank you for always being so proactive and encouraging the kids to come out of their comfort zones.

Pradhi's Mother

Sir, I truly appreciate all the effort you have put in all the kids. There are some teachers who only tech but you are one who is a true GURU. Am happy to have been associated with you. Akshat will be going to Wisconsin Madison. He is very let down but am sure this was best for him Will def forward to all who have kids in this age group. All the best to you Sir. Thank you

Akshat Chabra's Mom

Sir, a Huge Thank you for all your attention and hard work to prepare the children. It has truly been a transforming changes. Thank you

Deepa Thakore Khush's Mom