IB Experts for 7on7 offers a vast collection of resources to further supplement the learning of the students. These range from gaining access to past exam papers from the Knowledge Bank, use of the best equipment within the Classroom and even joining a network of internationally placed students.

Get Sample Papers


Sample Papers


Sample Papers


Sample Papers

Knowledge Bank

We hope to make learning more enjoyable and accessible to all with the help of knowledge bank we have designed for the better learning experience.

Technical Quizzes

Technical Quizzes to make studying more interactive and playful


Review & Reference Materials

On Every stage of studying with IB Experts for 7 on 7, students find these material helpful


Access To Past Papers

Students get access to past IB exam papers to practice better for the curricula he is preparing

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Classroom Resources

Variety of Vernier Equipment

Variety of Pasco Equipment


Projectors & Smart Boards

Virtual Classrooms

Test Yourself

Test ID- IBPHY-1.2(Measurements and Uncertainties)

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Test ID-IBPHY-2.2(Newton's Laws of Motion)

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Test ID-IBPHY-9.1(Simple Harmonic Motion)

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Test ID-IBPHY-2.4(Linear Momentum and Impulse)

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Test ID-IBPHY-3.1 (Thermal Concepts)

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Overseas University Placement Guidance

Foreign Student Network

We have a wide network of students who have already gained placements across various international universities. We use this network to guide our students who may seek guidance from fellow students in terms of adjusting to the new settings, lifestyle, procedures, processes, University challenges etc.

University Placement guidance (Course selection)

We use our wide experience in research and industry and guide kids to choose the course of their interest which not only gives enough opportunities to make a career and excel in it but at the same time ensures a global and rewarding future. We constantly keep a track of the industry and the demand of the human resource in future to suggest a course which can keep with the face of the future.

Freshman Course for New University entrants.

The mentoring for our kids doesn’t get over with the completion of the IB Diploma program only and we provide support for their smooth university transition in academics and support them up for their freshman course at their universities. Our support goes beyond academics and our kids remain in touch to share their challenges, success and failure and we do stand by them in this part of their life as well.